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We are so excited that you’ve taken this first step, and hope you’ll find this page useful in answering your questions.

Please contact us at info@blessthebadge.org with any additional questions or concerns.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

What topics are covered at events?2022-01-17T22:00:11-06:00

Our Tactical Relationship Training™️ covers topics including (but not limited to):

  • Hypervigilance
  • Communication
  • Mental Wellness
  • Resilience
  • Partnership
  • Parenting
Is lunch typically provided at events?2022-01-17T21:52:31-06:00

If desired and coordinated by the host, most often a local restaurant will donate lunch, or a sponsor will pay for lunch to be delivered.

Who provides the fun door prizes at events?2022-01-17T21:53:55-06:00

Our hosts coordinate donations from law enforcement-friendly organizations.  We recommend 10-15 door prizes, but no more than 20.

How does childcare work for an event?2022-01-17T22:28:50-06:00

Hosts decide on childcare offering in partnership with the venue.  Churches are best setup to allow for event childcare, as their insurance covers childcare provided by church personnel and volunteers.

How much does it cost to book an event?2022-01-17T22:30:05-06:00
Speakers are FREE; hosts and sponsors simply need to cover travel costs!
See What is required to book an event? for additional details.
What dates are available for events?2022-01-17T20:07:57-06:00
Click here to check our event calendar.
What is required to book an event?2022-01-17T20:09:23-06:00
  1. Check our events calendar; then email us with request for 30-day hold.
  2. Secure $3,500 in sponsorships to cover travel costs.
  3. Confirm a law enforcement-friendly location; churches are most common.
  4. Once the check is received and location confirmed, you are booked!
Is Bless the Badge Ministries a non-profit?2022-01-17T19:56:45-06:00

Yes!  Bless The Badge Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit.  We provide Tactical Relationship Training free of charge to officers and/or their spouses.

What are the levels of sponsorship?2022-01-17T19:56:41-06:00

 GOLD – $500 

  • Vendor Table 
  • Logo and information posted on screens throughout the event 
  • Logo printed in event program for each attendee 
  • Donor Spotlight on social media sites. 

SILVER – $300 

  • Logo and information posted on screens throughout the event 
  • Logo and information printed in event program for each attendee 

BRONZE – $150 

  • Logo and information printed in event program for each attendee 
How is it decided between a couples or spouse event?2022-01-17T22:27:39-06:00

This is entirely up to the host and dependent on the needs of the area.

How far out do you book events?2022-01-17T19:47:59-06:00

Generally, 12-18 months to allow adequate time for planning.

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